"The Beat of the Bat" is a full-length documentary that tells the story of the music of the 1966 "Batman" Television Series and how composers Neal Hefti, Nelson Riddle & Billy May gave Batman his first real musical identity- and one that has remained inexorably tied to the character for over 50 years!

In fact, if you saw the just released "Lego Batman Movie" you might have noticed the numerous references to the music of the TV series.

And face it, you can go up to anyone, anywhere in the world and sing "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!" and they will instantly know what you are talking about!

The music was as important to the show as the bright colors, campy dialogue and tongue-in-cheek performances. Yet, strangely, the story of how it came to be has never been told...

Until now.

John is joined by the director of the documentary, The Beat of the Bat, Pat Evans to discuss the importance of the project and the Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to make it a reality.

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The first album Pat Evans ever owned was Neil Hefti's "Batman Theme & 11 Hefti Bat Songs", which sparked his lifelong love of Bat-Music.  "The Beat of the Bat" is Pat's way of giving back to the talented composers and musicians who created that music.

A talented Graphic Artist, Pat's works has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter and the late, lamented Defamer. Since 2012 Pat has worked as a casting coordinator on many large studio films including "Jason Bourne", "Straight Outta Compton" and "Steve Jobs".

"The Beat of the Bat" marks his directorial debut.


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"The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze" &

"The Joke's on Robin"

Aired September 20, 1968

We continue our look at the 1968 Filmation series with a review of a pair of stories.  First, we look at the premiere of Mr. Freeze on the cartoon as he plans to bring Gotham City to its knees with a frosty gamble that not only threatens the city, but the Wayne fortune as well.  Next, Robin is thinking he's losing his touch but we quickly learn, "The Joke's on Robin" thanks to the Joker.

In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension website discuss the theme song and Ted Knight's contributions to the show and beyond.

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There's an arsonist on the loose in the city and the Hornet takes the case.  But Mike Axford has a former police investigator with a specialty in arson that he'd like to bring in.  He quickly learns that the man has more to prove than just the case.  John and Jim are at odds over the merits of this episode.  Take a listen and see 

The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics and Television by Martin Grams and Terry Salomonson is a reference work we're consulting as we move through the series.  Pick up your copy by clicking on the link and getting it today.

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"My Crime is Your Crime" & "A Bird Out of Hand"

Aired September 13, 1969

We take a look at the 1969 Filmation series that shows the influences of the 66 series on its film cells.  In the first episode of the series, we discuss "My Crime is Your Crime" in which the Joker and Penguin team up to confound Batman by switching their M.O. in order to commit their crimes.  Next is "A Bird Out of Hand" as the Penguin goes straight, but it's clearly a ruse.


Joining John to discuss this episode, the voice actors, and memories of watching the Filmation series on New York television is Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension website.


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