1949 - Episode One 
"Batman Takes Over"

Batman and Robin are called into service when a device that can control vehicles is stolen by the Wizard.  Who is the Wizard and what is his ultimate goal?

John and writer Jim Beard are back in the Batcave  and we're discussing the 15 chapter movie serial of 1949.  There are many elements that we would recognize from the comics, but in the end, is this finally proper Batman?  We get into that and lament what wasn't to be seen in this serial.

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"He Who Laughs Last"

April 16, 1977

The Joker is back in Gotham City and he's bent on revenge on Batman for putting him away previously.

John and Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central are back in the Batcave talking about an episode that ticks all the boxes when it comes to Filmation Batman 1977.  In it, they discuss how this story seems more like a Riddler story, muse about Batman leaving Batgirl alone in the Batcave, and wonder how a Joker plane looks more like a helicopter.​

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