1943 - Episode Fifteen 
"The Doom of the Rising Sun"

The final confrontation between Batman and Daka is actually their first confrontation as we discuss in the final episode of our look at the 1943 movie serial.

John and writer Jim Beard are back in the Batcave as we're wrapping up our look at the 1943 serial as we discuss the missed opportunities of the story, the unintended campiness, and the similarities with the 1966 TV series.

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"Reading, Writing & Wronging"
April 2, 1977

Penguin has started a school for criminals and in order to pass, you have to defeat Batman and Robin!

John and Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central are back in the Batcave talking about this episode that is an odd duck.  It has potential and it has some fun moments, but in the end it just doesn't hold up.  The two discuss how this episode may be where some of the hate for Batmite comes from, John's dislike of the Penguin as a character in general, and the heavy use of "Holy" exclamations in this episode.​

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