Detective #110
"The Crime Clinic"
February 22, 1946
Writer: Don Cameron
Artist: J. Winslow Mortimer

We've got a holiday special for you, Citizens!  The 12 Days of Batmas where John and a special guest sit down and discuss an issue of Batman or Detective Comics and figure out to adapt it to the 1966 television show.

​For the third day Batmas, John and writer/podcaster Kevin Lauderdale discuss Detective Comics #220.  In it, they talk about how Alan Napier could become more involved in the plot of this late 40s comic as a 66 episode, the elements of Londinium that have already been established and the use of Venerable Ireland Yard.

​​It's all here and we want to hear what you think.  Comment here or write us at

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It's July 29, 1966. The Batman movie is set to premiere the next day in Austin. The Austin Statesman provided a 16 page supplement filled with fun articles and advertisements for Batman. In an age of instant Internet access, we kids back then would have treasured such an insert. 


Download the pdf. 

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