Aired January 26 and February 1/2, 1967



It's another three part adventure story as The Penguin and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds team up with a scheme that could only happen in Gotham City.  For some fans, this is another example of where the show has been failing in its second season, but as John and his guest discuss, there are a number of elements that elevate this story if one looks closely enough.  In some respects, it has the markings of a first season episode and at the same time, it's got some of the goofiest bits you would find in the third season episode.


Joining John to discuss this episode is professional photographer and co-moderator of the batman66 discussion board, Ben Bentley.


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"Ben Bentley is an internationally published music photographer and Bat-Fan based in the United Kingdom. When Ben isn't behind the camera, you can find him sharing his lifelong love of Adam West's TV Batman as a co-moderator over at the 1966 Batman Message Board (66batman.com). Having traveled to California several times to attend conventions and hang out with Bat-friends, Ben has been lucky enough to try on one of Adam's original screen worn Cowls, meet several surviving cast members from the show and even run up and down the steps of Gotham City Police Headquarters in his own Adam West Batsuit. 


You can keep up to date with Ben's photographic work over on his blog...http://www.benbentleyphoto.tumblr.com or why not come and join Scott, Ben and the gang at the internet's longest standing 1966 TV Batman message board... http://www.66batman.com

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Aired January 19 & 25, 1967



The Catwoman is back in Gotham City and she's training a protege in the form of sing Lesley Gore as Pussycat.  Catwoman's scheme is to get Batman and Robin under her control with a new drug she's designed.  With their help, she's hoping to rob the Gotham Mint.   How does this episode fair compared to other Catwoman episodes?  What did John and his guest think of the inclusion of not one, but two performances by Lesley Gore?  Just how ironic was it that Robin was hitting on Pussycat? 


Joining John to discuss this episode is Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension website.


This episode is dedicated to the memory of Lesley Gore.


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Dan Greenfield is the editor and co-creator of 13thDimension.com, a website devoted primarily to comics and pop culture, past and present. To him, the basic food groups are Batman, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (the Original Series), James Bond, the Beatles and the Stones. But if he had to he'd be able to subsist on Batman alone. Channel 11 in New York was his favorite syndicated channel as a kid -- you can guess why -- followed closely by Channel 5. Channel 9 didn't really enter into it unless he was home sick and there wasn't much else on. He's married to his remarkably patient wife Wendy and his best sidekick is his son, Sam. They have two cats,Lex and Zod.
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