1943 - Episode Ten 
"Flying Spies"

After escaping from another death trap, Bruce dons the guise of Chuck White once again in order to learn about a dropped shipment of radium that they must recover before Daka's men.

John and writer Jim Beard are back in the Batcave and talking about the possibility of there being more than one Batman, the frustrating resolution of the cliffhanger and the equally frustrating new cliffhanger.

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"The Scheme is Sound"

Batman and Robin must foil a new plot by the United Underworld to create and use the world's largest loudspeaker in order to rob a bank.

John and Robert Long sit down in the Batcave and discuss a film that is the complete polar opposite of the film they discussed in the last episode.  The Parkview Elementary School Music Club in Van Buren, Arkansas produced this 13 minute fan film complete with music and they clearly get the source material.  The two discuss the plot, the portrayals, and the Batmobile that was used in the production.

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