September 25, 1976

Monster Squad was a one season NBC Saturday morning live action show for kids in 1976.  In it, Walt, who worked in his uncle's wax museum, discovered that he could bring the figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman to life.  Wanting to atone for the sins of their past, the trio, with Walt's crime computer set out on a mission to stop evil wherever they found it.

For our look at the third episode of the series, we deal with the depressing villain with the misleading name - The Tickler.  He's the first "returning" villain in terms of the Squad has faced him before, but he's new to the viewer.  He wants revenge on Walter and the Squad for sending him away for a long stretch.

John and Joe Crowe of RevolutionSF and the Dragoncon American SciFi Classics Track discuss the darkness of The Tickler and his henchmen, the great humor that still works in the episode, and the potential for a Monster Squad/Batman 66 team-up facing The Tickler and The Joker.

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1943 - Episode Eleven 

"A Nipponese Trap"

As Chuck White, Bruce learns of one of Daka's hideouts, but the Dynamic Duo find themselves under attack as soon as they arrive.

John and writer Jim Beard are back in the Batcave where Jim has serious issues with a number of elements that go against the unspoken rules of the Batman comic.  John is simply tired of the simple resolution of the cliffhanger ending, a staple of the 40s serials.  

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"The Bermuda Rectangle"

March 13, 1977

Professor Bubbles is engaged in some real underwater deep sea piracy and it's up to Batman to stop him.  Where is Aquaman when you need him?

John and Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central are at odds with this fifth episodes of the 77 series and not in the way you would think.  Usually, Joe can find the joy in the goofiest of plots, but he struggled a little with this one while John enjoyed every 70s cliche the episode threw at us, from the CB lingo to the sharks to the underwater base.

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