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"Trouble Identity"

February 26, 1977

Catwoman is back and she's got a new scheme to make herself rich by stealing a revolutionary device that turns garbage into rich fabrics.  And in order to throw suspicion off her, she dresses as Batgirl when committing the crime.  While the GCPD are tracking Batgirl down, the Terrific Trio are dodging robot cats while trying to prove her innocence.

John and Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central are giving this third episode of the Filmation 1977 Batman series equal parts love and equal parts, "What were they thinking?"  In this episode, they discuss the new look Catwoman, the vocal talent of Melendy Britt, and the wasted talents of Catwoman.

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"The Moonman"

February 19, 1977

The Moonman is a strange, new villain the Dynamic Duo have to confront.  Even with the help of Batgirl and the limited interference of Batmite, can they stop this super powered menace?  And what does Bruce Wayne's friend, astronaut Scott Rogers have to with all this?

John and Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central are on differing sides when it comes to how much love to give this episode.  And who loves it more may surprise you.  They discuss the limited use of Batmite in this episode, the comedic romantic interest Batmite has in Batgirl, the comparisons with the 1958 World's Finest comic, "Menace of the Moonman", and those amazing gymnastic skills of the Dynamic Duo.

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"The Pest"

February 12, 1977

The Joker has stolen a prototype energy efficient car that is unstable and could blow up.  But that's the least of the Dynamic Duo's problems as Batmite only wants to help and his help is never helpful.  It's a new era of Batman in the 70s, with two familiar voices, Adam West and Burt Ward.

John is back in the Batcave, ready to take on a new series of reviews, this time on the 1977 iteration of Batman from Filmation.  And joining him is a familiar podcast voice, Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central.  Together, they celebrate the good and the bad of the series.  Of course, there is the case to be made for and against Batmite, but there's also a discussion of the vocal talents of Lenny Weinrib, the theme song, and peculiar theme of energy that runs through most of the episodes of this series.

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