"Penguin's Clean Sweep"

Aired January 25, 1968

It's the final appearance of Burgess Meredith as The Penguin and he doesn't exactly go out in a blaze of glory.  The story involved Penguin trying to collect all of Gotham City's money that he has convinced the public is tainted with Lygerian Sleeping Sickness.  Despite the hokey sounding plot, John still feels there are some things of merit in this one and talks about it with Batman at 45 author Chris Gould.


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"Programmed for Death"

Aired: September 23, 2016

A group of underworld leaders are planning something big and it's up to the Hornet and Kato to stop it.  The two are drawn into the group's scheme when a Sentinel reporter is killed by a leopard in the Sentinel newsroom.

John and Jim are at odds with how good this episode is.  Jim feels it shows the program's true potential by showing off such high concepts, but John is not as impressed.  Let us know what you think of the episode by writing us here or at thebatcavepodcast@gmail.com.

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John is joined by Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to celebrate the birthday of Adam West.  In our tribute, we discuss Adam's style of acting when it came to pre and post-Batman series.  We look some of his best moments on Batman and also discuss other roles outside the series.  John enthuses on Lookwell, a pilot Adam starred that should have gone to series.  Finally, they discuss his resurrection today as a pop-culture icon and how that has paved the way for the interest in the Batman series on its 50th anniversary.

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An insurance racket has been operating in the city.  The Hornet looks into the operation when an informant of Mike Axford's is killed as he's about to speak with Axford.  Not only does the Hornet have a lot to deal with in this episode, but so does Britt as he must deal with the lawyer of the man Axford accuses in the pages of the Sentinel of running the insurance ring.

John and Jim have a lot to discuss what with the lame method of roping and killing the intended victims of the racketeers, the ethics of Britt having lunch with the lawyer of the alleged racketeer, and the fact that Miss Case has not been used to her full potential yet.  Let us know what you think of the episode by writing us here or at thebatcavepodcast@gmail.com.

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A new weapon that can be fired silently has fallen into the hands of one of the city's most powerful gangsters and it's up to the Green Hornet and Kato to retrieve it before things get out of control.  John is joined on this new 50th anniversary podcast celebration by Gotham City 14 Miles editor Jim Beard.  Together, they discuss how this didn't feel like the first episode shot and the similarities the show has to Batman.  They are split though on how good the episode is.  Take a listen and find out how it fares with the two.

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