"Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club"

Aired January 18, 1968

Feminist Nora Clavicle has plans for Gotham City as she takes control of Gotham City's police department.  It looks, on the surface, that is a blow for women's rights as she replaces every male police officer with women.  The problem is the women are ineffective when it comes to enforcing the law and nobody is aware of Nora's plan to destroy Gotham City.


John is joined by podcaster Chris Franklin of the Super Mates Podcast to discuss what may possibly be the worst episode in the entire series.  (Yes, even worse than "Marsha, Queen of Diamonds".)  They wonder if this is supposed to be camp, a spoof on women's lib, or just bad writing.  They also try to figure out just how Batman, Robin, and Batgirl allow themselves to be turned into a human Siamese Knot by, and you'll excuse us here, a trio of women.  


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Chris Franklin is a mild-mannered graphic designer by day, but at night, he retreats to his secret headquarters festooned with action figures, and podcasts with his long-suffering wife Cindy on the Super Mates podcast, a proud part of The Fire and Water Podcast Network. Together they take a look at all things geeky, such as comics, TV, movies, and toys, from a couple‚Äôs perspective.

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  • I've got it! This episode was actually a tribute to American Burlesque popular at the turn of the century and beyond! Lots of ancient jokes about fishwives not making husbands their dinners or ironing their shirts (and women being scared of mice, even mechanical ones), women libbers banging drums like in the pre-suffrage days, cute women in glamorous costumes, deus ex machinas done offstage...

    posted by: Deggsy O'Brien on 2016-08-21 11:00:22

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