The Hornet is trying to broker a deal between two rival gangs, but the arrival of Mike Axford nearly threatens the whole thing.  A quick thinking Hornet makes it look like Axford's dead, when in reality he's holding him until the case is closed.  But one of the gangsters discovers Oxford's alive and that the Hornet is double crossing them.  If this sounds more like a comedy than a drama or adventure story, you might not be mistaken.  John postulates to Jim that this could be The Green Hornet's attempt at humor that didn't go over very well.  In addition, John and Jim talk about the different versions of Batman and The Green Hornet that we see over the course of their respective 1966-1967 seasons.  Are they the same characters in each episode we see them in? Or are we looking in at alternate Earths?

The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics and Television by Martin Grams and Terry Salomonson is a reference work we're consulting as we move through the series.  Pick up your copy by clicking on the link and getting it today.

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August 16 marks the birthday of Ms. Julie Newmar.  Her role as the first Catwoman on screen still stands as the template that every other actress has followed as she defined the role.  To celebrate, John invites Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension into the Batcave to talk about Ms. Newmar's Catwoman, her roles before and after the Batman 66 series, the characteristics that distinguish a Julie Newmar performance, and her love of gardening.  Plus, Dan release how his friendship with Ms. Newmar developed.

Check out all the coverage of Ms. Newmar over at the 13th Dimension sight by clicking on this link.

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"Hizzoner the Joker" & 

"Freeze's Frozen Vikings"

Aired November 2, 1968

This is an interesting duo of episodes. First, the Joker runs for mayor and wins in "Hizzoner the Joker". What is it like when a criminal holds a public office? And then, Mr. Freeze is back and using a Viking hoax to commit crimes in Gotham City.

WARNING: If you do not have a sense of humor about the current political situation, this episode of the podcast will not be for you.

In addition, John and Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension discuss the potential for toys based on the characters and vehicles in the Filmation series, lament the fact that Mr. Freeze is not properly used in the series, and enthuse about how the series is hitting its stride at the moment with the excitement of new villains coming to the show.

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Dan Greenfield is the editor and co-creator of, a website devoted primarily to comics and pop culture, past and present. To him, the basic food groups are Batman, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (the Original Series), James Bond, the Beatles and the Stones. But if he had to he'd be able to subsist on Batman alone. Channel 11 in New York was his favorite syndicated channel as a kid -- you can guess why -- followed closely by Channel 5. Channel 9 didn't really enter into it unless he was home sick and there wasn't much else on. He's married to his remarkably patient wife Wendy and his best sidekick is his son, Sam. They have two cats,Lex and Zod.



13th Dimension Website

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