It's the end of The Hornet's Sting and we go out with a bang as we review the two-part adventure, "Invasion from Outer Space".  The city is gripped with terror as it appears an alien invasion is happening.  When the aliens do show up at Britt Reid's home, Britt is certain the whole thing is a hoax and he's quickly proven right as the aliens steal an H-bomb and threaten the city with it.  After watching 26 episodes of the 1966-67 ABC television series, The Green Hornet, John and Jim have developed a pretty good idea of what they think works and doesn't work in this series.  They have their ideas of what would make the series better.  And with that in mind, they take a look at this two-parter that is not exactly a fan favorite.  And when all is said and done, from the discussion of the introduction being like Orson Welles' War of the Worlds radio drama to the last ditch effort by William Dozier to produce the show he wanted, John and Jim are at odds over the merits of this two-parter.  Take a listen and see who feels this is a "must" watch and who feels this is a pass and that it's best to think the series ended with "Hornet, Save Thyself".
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