"The Pest"

February 12, 1977

The Joker has stolen a prototype energy efficient car that is unstable and could blow up.  But that's the least of the Dynamic Duo's problems as Batmite only wants to help and his help is never helpful.  It's a new era of Batman in the 70s, with two familiar voices, Adam West and Burt Ward.

John is back in the Batcave, ready to take on a new series of reviews, this time on the 1977 iteration of Batman from Filmation.  And joining him is a familiar podcast voice, Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central.  Together, they celebrate the good and the bad of the series.  Of course, there is the case to be made for and against Batmite, but there's also a discussion of the vocal talents of Lenny Weinrib, the theme song, and peculiar theme of energy that runs through most of the episodes of this series.

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