"The Funny Feline Felonies/

The Joke's on Catwoman"

Aired December 28, 1967 & January 4, 1968

Catwoman is back in Gotham once again and this time she's teaming up with the Joker.  She's hatching a plot to recover over 100 pounds of TNT.  The thing is, this is a simple plot by either of their standards and the script reflects it as it starts out interestingly enough and then quickly slides into complete farce as we get a courtroom scene at the end of part two.

‚ÄčJoining John to discuss this episode is podcaster Michael Falkner (The Weekly Podioplex).  This time they discuss just how painful it is to watch this when you consider the first episode is actually not that bad.  They admire how Eartha Kitt purrs French so elegantly.  And they wonder just how does a recent grad student with a librarian's salery manage to come up with the gadgets she does in her crimefighting spree, items that includes a universal antidote pill.  Is Alfred involved in this somehow?

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Michael Falkner's bio will be posted shortly.

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