"The Great Escape/The Great Train Robbery"

Aired February 1/8, 1968

Dedicated to the memory of Eric Cone




It's the final two-part story for Batman 66.  It's also the final appearance of Cliff Robertson as Shame.  And it's a shame, really.  (Pun intended)  This episode has almost all the elements that make it feel like a second season episode rather than a third.  The only thing missing is a proper death trap.  So why did it take so long to come up with something like this?  Was it the fact that it was an established character that had proven popular?  Was it Stanley Ralph Ross' writing?  And what was with Adam West's poor man's Gary Cooper impression?

Joining John to discuss what worked and what didn't work in this story that made us long for the good old days is podcaster, The Hunnic Outcast.

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