The Penguin is back in town and his target is Alfred, the faithful butler of millionaire Bruce Wayne.  Batman and Robin are called in to investigate, but a short time later, Alfred is released, safe and sound.  What has happened to Alfred as he now has an odd twitch about him?  Will Batman and Robin find out before the Penguin is able to execute his entire caper?

Joining John to talk about the final episode of the first season is Batman fan, Mike Fichera.

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Mike Fichera got his start as a Bat-fan during infancy when, according to his brother Victor, one of his first words was shouting "Batman! Green ones!" from the high chair while attempting to miscolor the caped crusader. As a fan of the 60’s Batman show, he learned to exclaim BIF! POW! BAM!  with every stubbed toe, or tumble down the staircase. Years later, Mike became an occasional guest on the cable-TV Chronic Rift as a Spider-Man expert and as the “shameless guy who would dress in silly costumes” for sight gags. Since 2004, Mike has been a freelance writer and artist for Marvel Comics, putting his knowledge of Spider-Man to use for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Though more a Marvel than a DC, he owes much of his riddle-deciphering skills to the Dynamic Duo, and his breathy acting style to Adam West.

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