A big thank you to all who downloaded and commented on The All-Star Adam West Tribute.  It was a labor of love for John to put together and he's glad to see that it helped many who are coping with the passing of our Caped Crusader.  In the rush to get it out though, John missed placing one of the contributions into the episode.  He presents it here with his humblest apologies to illustrator Al Bigley (who was cool about it, but John wasn't having anyone who contributed miss out.).  Here now is Al's thoughts on the passing of Adam West and his memories of meeting the man himself. 


Award-winning illustrator Al Bigley has been working as an in-demand commercial artist since 1990, providing artwork to such clients as: Golden Books, DC Comics, CTW, Disney, Marvel Comics, Saban, Film Roman, Scholastic, McDonald's, Kenner Toys, and many more.

Al's work has been used in conjunction with toys, concept art, design, packaging, books , magazines and comics, posters, storyboards, apparel, style guides, and much more!

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