Catwoman is back in Gotham, but she's looking a little different this season.  Eartha Kitt takes over the role, replacing Julie Newmar who was appearing in a film at the time.  Curiously, the dynamic between Batman and Catwoman is changed where the sexual tension is almost gone.  Instead, Catwoman is obsessed with Batgirl.

Joining John to discuss this episode is podcaster Michael Falkner (The Weekly Podioplex).  In addition to talking about the missed opportunities of this story (including the idea that Catwoman is literally invading a foreign country when she replaces the queen in her embassy), they also discuss the possible reasoning behind the change in the relationship with Batman and Catwoman.

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  • Excellent podcast, gentlemen, and I'm glad to see the love for Eartha Kitt! As for the talk between Batman and Robin about America having to support a tiny country it went to war with, I don't think it was a comment on Vietnam or other issues but maybe a nod to The Mouse That Roared, which had been released a couple of years before and had a similar plotline...

    posted by: Deggsy O'Brien on 2016-07-28 18:27:55

  • Great podcast, gentlemen, and glad you had so much love for Eartha Kitt! Regarding the note in the script about the country going to war, being quickly beaten but then supported by America for years afterwards, I assumed it was a nod to The Mouse That Roared, which came out only a few years earlier and had an identical plot...

    posted by: Deggsy O'Brien on 2016-07-26 11:50:37

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