Aired September 28/29, 1966


King Tut returns to Gotham City with what appears to be his usual bag of tricks as the Sphinx returns as well with new proclamations. But there's more to his scheme this time around. He has a plan to subjugate the entire population of Gotham. Can Batman and Robin thwart him?


Joining John to talk about King Tut's less than stellar return in author Julio Angel Ortiz.

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A native of Toledo, Ohio, Julio Angel Ortiz is a writer in both print and electronic media. Julio has had an audio drama released for the original sci-fi series The Dome with another to be produced shortly and short stories published in collections by Obverse Books featuring Iris Wildthyme and SeƱor 105. He also has several eBooks available for Kindle via his Vox Camera imprint. When not banging his head against his notebook in order to string words together, Julio works in Information Technology during the day and is also active blogging, posting on Twitter, and working at his photography.


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