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"A Sweet Joke on Gotham City"

March 6, 1977

We take a look at another Filmation original village for the 77 Batman series in the form of Sweet Tooth.  Sounding like Paul Lynde and ready with a crime where he holds the city's water supply hostage (why does that sound familiar?), this is one of the crazier stories and yet our hosts are more than happy with how goofy it is.

John and Joe Stuber of Comic Book Central are giving this fourth episode of the Filmation 1977 Batman series embrace this episode wholeheartedly even though it's got a number of problems, which they bring up in their discussion. In this episode, they discuss how good a Paul Lynde Lenny Weintraub does for Sweet Tooth, how Batmite is more useful than Robin, how Batgirl is better used in this version of the series, and the dynamics of the Bat Family in this series.

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