"Emperor Penguin" & "Chandell's Chanteuse"

Published: August 21, 2013

The Penguin has his own little island nation in the form of an iceberg in Gotham Harbor.  Because of this, he demands ransom for any cargo ship delivering supplies to Gotham City.  And how does he manage to keep this little nation afloat?  He joins forces with Mr. Freeze.  Plus, Chandell is back in Gotham, under the spell of The Siren who has plans of her own.

John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension get together in the Batcave to review DC Comics' second issue of the 66 series run.  Join them every Wednesday for a new review as they go through every issue of the run and every special edition story as well.

‚ÄčJohn and Dan talk about the different art styles of the two stories, the Filmation setup of the Penguin story with a neat 66 series ending, and the various cameos in the Chandell/Siren story.  

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