"Mr. Mephisto"

September 18, 1976

Monster Squad was a one season NBC Saturday morning live action show for kids in 1976.  In it, Walt, who worked in his uncle's wax museum, discovered that he could bring the figures of Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman to life.  Wanting to atone for the sins of their past, the trio, with Walt's crime computer set out on a mission to stop evil wherever they found it.

And in our second episode review, the Squad take on Mr. Mephisto (Barry Dennen) and his dolls, Baby Doll and Arlene Doll as he tries to subvert the political system in Metro City by replacing many of the major figures with animatronic dolls.  John is joined in the Batcave by Revolution SF host and DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track co-moderator Joe Crowe to discuss the parallels with this series and Batman 66.  And there are quite a few.

They discuss the guest cast that includes two actors who appeared in Batman 66, how Walter may have been inspired to fight crime from Batman, and wonder what kind of media outlets are in Metro City that no one reports on the mayor's proclamation commending the Monster Squad for their work.

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