"The Londinium Larcenies/The Foggiest Notion/The Bloody Tower"

Aired November 23/30 and December 6, 1967

Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Commissioner Gordon travel to Londinium at the request of the President to help Venerable Ireland Yard with a series of bizarre thefts throughout the city.  Batman quickly realizes that the evidence points to Lord Marmaduke Ffogg and Lady Penelope Peasoup and her finishing school for girls.

Once again, we are faced with a three-part story so big, it needs three guests hosts to cover every detail.  Jim Beard of Gotham City 14 Miles travels with John overseas to discuss the episode with Andrew Leyland of the HeyKids Comics Podcast and photographer and Batman 66 board moderator Ben Bentley.  We know we like it, but why?  It's a mess of a story and there are a number of missed opportunities.  And does Batgirl really play a part in this story?  It's all here on a double-sized episode.


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Andrew Leyland - Born. Reads comics. Watches bad TV. Somehow found a woman that puts up with him and had three kids. Puts out a weekly comics podcast called "Hey Kids, Comics!" With his eldest son every Thursday on TwoTrueFreaks.com




"Ben Bentley is an internationally published music photographer and Bat-Fan based in the United Kingdom. When Ben isn't behind the camera, you can find him sharing his lifelong love of Adam West's TV Batman as a co-moderator over at the 1966 Batman Message Board (66batman.com). Having traveled to California several times to attend conventions and hang out with Bat-friends, Ben has been lucky enough to try on one of Adam's original screen worn Cowls, meet several surviving cast members from the show and even run up and down the steps of Gotham City Police Headquarters in his own Adam West Batsuit. 

You can keep up to date with Ben's photographic work over on his blog... http://www.benbentleyphoto.tumblr.com or why not come and join Scott, Ben and the gang at the internet's longest standing 1966 TV Batman message board... http://www.66batman.com


A native of Toledo, Ohio, Jim Beard was introduced to comic books at an early age by his father, who passed on to him a love for the medium and the pulp characters who preceded it. After decades of reading, collecting and dissecting comics, Jim became a published writer when he sold a story to DC Comics in 2002. Since that time he's written official Star Wars and Ghostbusters comic stories and contributed articles and essays to several volumes of comic book history.

His prose work includes GOTHAM CITY 14 MILES, a book of essays on the 1966 Batman TV series; SGT. JANUS, SPIRIT-BREAKER, a collection of pulp ghost stories featuring an Edwardian occult detective; MONSTER EARTH, a giant monster anthology; and CAPTAIN ACTION: RIDDLE OF THE GLOWING MEN, the first pulp prose novel based on the classic 1960s action figure.

Currently, Jim provides regular content for Marvel.com, the official Marvel Comics website, and is a regular columnist for Toledo Free Press.





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John is joined by Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to celebrate the birthday of Burt Ward.  While there are disputes over who is the best Batman, the best Alfred, even the best Commissioner Gordon, there is no disputing the definitive Dick Grayson/Robin is Burt Ward.  John and Dan discuss how that magic begin right from the beginning with Burt's audition.  They talk about what made him stand out, in particular his sense of timing when it came to humor.  Finally, they discuss Burt's legacy as we are in the middle of the 50th anniversary of the Batman series.

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The Joker plans to become king of the surf by winning the championships at Gotham Point.  Didn't know he could surf, did you?  Well he can, thanks to the reverseramator, he's been able to steal the surfing ability of champion surfer Skip Parker.  It's all part of Joker's scheme to control the minds of the surfing community and in time, the world.  We've seen a similar theme this season with the Riddler, the Penguin, and even Louie the Lilac and this one is the most outlandish - but it works.

Joining John to discuss this episode is Dan Greenfield, creator and author of the 13th Dimension website.  In fact, Dan will argue that this may be one of the best episodes, not only of the third season, but of the entire series itself.  Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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Dan Greenfield is the editor and co-creator of 13thDimension.com, a website devoted primarily to comics and pop culture, past and present. To him, the basic food groups are Batman, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek (the Original Series), James Bond, the Beatles and the Stones. But if he had to he'd be able to subsist on Batman alone. Channel 11 in New York was his favorite syndicated channel as a kid -- you can guess why -- followed closely by Channel 5. Channel 9 didn't really enter into it unless he was home sick and there wasn't much else on. He's married to his remarkably patient wife Wendy and his best sidekick is his son, Sam. They have two cats, Lex and Zod.



13th Dimension Website

Facebook page


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"The Ogg and I/How to Hatch a Dinosaur"

Aired October 2/9, 1967

Vincent Price makes a welcome return to Batman as the villainous Egghead.  He is joined by Anne Baxter as Olga, Queen of the Bessarovian Cossacks.  Together they have plans for Gotham City.  In fact, are there too many plans?  What is the main scheme in this plot?  Who is in charge as it seems to change from episode to episode?  And what is the history of this two-parter in relation to the third episode that will follow in a few weeks' time?

Joining John to talk about Vincent Price's triumphant and yet not so triumphant return to Batman is author and podcaster, Kevin Lauderdale. 

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Kevin Lauderdale has written essays and articles for the Los Angeles Times, The Dictionary of American Biography, Animato, mcsweeneys.net, and teevee.org; and his poetry has appeared in Andrei Codrescu's The Exquisite Corpse.  He has published fiction in several of Pocket Books' Star Trek anthologies, including Constellations, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of the original Star Trek.  His original fiction has appeared in Neo-opsis magazine and Cthulhu Unbound, the cross-genre Lovecraftian collection from Permuted Press.  He is a graduate of UCLA and a card-carrying member of SFWA.  In addition, Kevin is a host of his own podcast here on the network, It Has Come to My Attention and co-host of Mighty Movie: Temple of Bad.  Recently, Kevin took over as host of the old time radio podcast,Presenting the Transcription Feature.  Follow Kevin's exploits through his LiveJournal blog - http://kevinlauderdale.livejournal.com.

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"Louie the Lilac"

Aired: October 26, 1967

Louie the Lilac wants to corner the flower market of Gotham City with the reasoning that if he does that, he can control the world.  It sounds like something similar to what Riddler and Penguin came up with a few weeks ago, but in watching the episode, one finds it kind of makes sense this time.  Also, John has stated he's not a fan of Milton Berle, but in discussing this episode, you'll see he actually appreciates Berle in the role of Louie.  So what is wrong with this episode?

Joining John to discuss the good and the bad of this story is author Jay Smith.  

Comment on the episode here or write thebatcavepodcast@gmail.com


Jay Smith is the creator and executive producer for the Parsec Award-winning audio drama series HG World.  Since 2009, Jay and his company of players and producers have been telling the story of survivors in the middle of a global zombie uprising.  Now in its third season, this "satellite" production has featured dozens of actors across four continents making it a production truly on a global scale.  Since its debut, episodes of HG World and its spin-off series, the Parsec finalist The Diary of Jill Woodbine and The Googies have been downloaded close to a million times.


Inspired by the golden age of radio, Hidden Harbor Mysteries presents a story inspired by stylish pulp era radio adventures like The Shadow, Sam Spade, The Green Hornet, and I Love a Mystery. Performed by a stellar cast, Hidden Harbor hopes to integrate classic radio storytelling with some modern twists.  Jay draws from the work of Orson Welles, Arch Obelor and looks to modern audio dramatists like Douglas Adams and Dirk Maggs as inspiration to create a rich, realistic world of survival horror laced with dark comedy and compelling human drama.


Jay holds a BA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and is working on his Master of Fine Arts from Seton Hill University’s innovative Writing Popular Fiction program.  He attends and speaks at various science fiction and literary conventions about podcasting, writing, audio drama, and zombies.  HG World can be heard by subscribing through iTunes or visiting the show web site www.goodmorningsurvivors.com.


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John is joined by Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to talk with comic artist Michael Allred.  Allred recently completed his run as cover artist for the Batman 66 comic series.  In this interview, he discusses how Batman and 60s television influenced his artistic endevours, how he approached the assignment of cover artist, favorite cover assignments, and working with his family in the comics field.  Take a listen and enjoy.


Michael 'Doc' Allred grew up in the 60's and 70's and was surrounded with the best in pop culture and a steady diet of music, movies and comic books including the three B's: Beatles, Bond and Batman to the point of obsession. 

So it should come as no surprise that he keeps a hand in film and music (He's the lead singer and guitarist for The Gear), but comic books have always been a seminal source of joy for Mike and that joy remains the main ingredient in most of his work. 

Allred first tasted success in the comics field with his wildly popular MADMAN series, which is currently being developed for a live action film with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. His earlier work from GRAFIK MUZIK was turned into the cult hit movie G-Men from Hell directed by Christopher Coppola (featuring Robert Goulet as the Devil). Other work includes Red Rocket 7, his history of Rock and Roll told in the context of a sci-fi adventure storyl the Madman spin-off THE ATOMICS and his magnum opus, THE GOLDEN PLATES, where he's illustrating the entire Book of Mormon. 

Mike counts the secret to his success to be his wife, and creative partner, Laura Allred, who is is considered to be one of the best colorists in the business.


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John sits down with Deborah Dozier Potter, the daughter of Batman 66 executive producer William Dozier.  They discuss his development of the series, the highs and lows, and his life after the series ended.  In addition, they also talk about Deborah's life as an actress, a Hollywood agent, and an author.  Finally, they talk about how Deborah overcame her Post Tramatic Stress Disorder thanks to the love of her dog, Buster, which led to her writing her book, Let Buster Lead.

Deborah Dozier Potter is a performing arts enthusiast and patron.  She was raised in a family of respected film, television and theatre professionals in New York City, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  She worked as a stage and film actress before becoming an actors' agent then starting her own talent agency and management company.  She has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since 1979 and is an active partner in Hotel Santa Fe and Five & Dime general stores, a multi-state retail business.  She authored the 2007 published memoir, Let Buster Lead, subtitled "my discovery of love, post-traumatic stress disorder and self-assurance".   Ms. Potter is a volunteer faculty member of The New Mexico School for the Arts and a political, charity and arts supporter. Her husband, Earl Potter, is a prominent business owner and a retired attorney.  Their son, H. C. “Cody” Potter, also lives in Santa Fe. Potter previously has served as a New Mexico representative to the President's Advisory Council on the Arts/Kennedy Center from 1993 until 2001 and from 2009 to the present. 

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"The Unkindest Tut of All"

Aired October 19, 1967

King Tut is back in Gotham City with a new set of predictions that includes the indentity of Batman.  But just what is the purpose of all these predictions?  Tut doesn't seem interested in gaining control of Gotham City as his new kingdom.  He's more interested in gaining control of the universe and his scheme will ensure this happens.  And where is Batgirl in all this?

Joining John to this episode, one of the better of the third season and a fitting continuation of the Tut storyline, is Shazam/Isis Podcast host Richard F. Lee.


Richard Lee is a Batman fan who was first introduced to Batman '66 through the wide release movie and the View Master reels. Richard's biography was published in Who's Who in America, 2000 Millennial Edition. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington, a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Gonzaga School of Law, and a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is also a practicing member of the Washington State Bar Association. Richard is currently practicing law in his home state of Washington.



Richard's website

Shazam/Isis Podcast website

Shazam/Isis Facebook page

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January 7th is the birthday of the late Alan Napier.  To celebrate, we here at the Batcave Podcast welcome author James Bigwood who contributed to Alan Napier's autobiography, Not Just Batman's Butler.  James talks about his experiences with Alan Napier, the writing of the book, and some of Napier's better roles.



James Bigwood first met Alan Napier in 1975, when he interviewed him for a profile that eventually appeared in Films In Review in 1979.  Building on his interest in film history, he co-wrote (with Stephen D. Youngkin and Raymond G. Cabana, Jr.) the book The Films Of Peter Lorre, published in 1982, as well as numerous articles on Salvador Dali’s largely unknown film career for such publications as American Film, American Cinematographer and the catalogue for the 1979 Dali retrospective at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.  After early attempts at an acting career proved less than successful, he moved into behind the scenes film production, starting as an assistant accountant on Francis Ford Coppola’s COTTON CLUB in 1983.  He has worked variously as Associate Producer, Line Producer and Production Manager on such films as NEW JACK CITY (Warner Bros 1991), JUICE (Paramount 1992), BOB ROBERTS (Paramount 1992), POSSE (Gramercy 1993), ASSAULT AT WEST POINT (Showtime 1994), ROAD TO WELLVILLE (Columbia 1994),  WAITING TO EXHALE (Fox 1995), DOUBLE PLATINUM (ABC 1999), BOYCOTT (HBO 2001), GATHERING STORM (HBO 2002), and the Emmy nominated BRIGHT SHINING LIE (HBO 1998).   In 1995, he co-produced WIDE AWAKE for Miramax, in 1998, he produced THE TEMPEST, starring Peter Fonda, for NBC.  In addition, he has produced six television series: TOUCHING EVIL (USA Cable 2004), THE BLACK DONNELLYS (NBC 2007), LIPSTICK JUNGLE (NBC 2008/2009), MERCY (NBC 2009/2010), THE RED ROAD (Sundance 2013) and BEING MARY JANE (BET 2014) and the mini-series REVELATIONS (NBC 2005).  Along the way, he has managed to keep acting, playing small roles in THE TEMPEST, ROAD TO WELLVILLE, ASSAULT AT WEST POINT, POSSE, BOB ROBERTS, ROANOAK, BOYCOTT, REVELATIONS and LIPSTICK JUNGLE as well as in three films that he wasn’t already working behind the scenes on: SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN, NICK AND JANE, and PANTHERS.  In 1985, he directed the short film CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS WITH A TWIST, which he produced with writer Timothy Lonsdale.





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It's very odd that Burgess Meredith returns so quickly in this early part of the third season.  It's even more odd that they pair him up with Ethel Merman as Lola Lasagna in the first two-part story of the season.  And in many respects, it's a wasted opportunity as the two are used more as a Vaudville act more than anything Batman-related.  And yet, this look at Penguin trying to horn in on the horse racing world has more weight to it than Riddler's previous attempt to become the "King of the Ring."

Joining John to discuss what worked and what didn't work in this story that could have been a one part story is podcaster, The Hunnic Outcast.

Comment on the episode here or write thebatcavepodcast@gmail.com



HunnicOutcasts offers a variety of podcasts.  Whether it's unscripted/off the cuff or an in depth discussion, regarding T.V. films, literature, and/or video games.  
Learn more at 
Twitter @hunnicoutcasts


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