August 16 marks the birthday of Ms. Julie Newmar.  Her role as the first Catwoman on screen still stands as the template that every other actress has followed as she defined the role.  To celebrate, John invites Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension into the Batcave to talk about Ms. Newmar's Catwoman, her roles before and after the Batman 66 series, the characteristics that distinguish a Julie Newmar performance, and her love of gardening.  Plus, Dan release how his friendship with Ms. Newmar developed.

Check out all the coverage of Ms. Newmar over at the 13th Dimension sight by clicking on this link.

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A big thank you to all who downloaded and commented on The All-Star Adam West Tribute.  It was a labor of love for John to put together and he's glad to see that it helped many who are coping with the passing of our Caped Crusader.  In the rush to get it out though, John missed placing one of the contributions into the episode.  He presents it here with his humblest apologies to illustrator Al Bigley (who was cool about it, but John wasn't having anyone who contributed miss out.).  Here now is Al's thoughts on the passing of Adam West and his memories of meeting the man himself. 


Award-winning illustrator Al Bigley has been working as an in-demand commercial artist since 1990, providing artwork to such clients as: Golden Books, DC Comics, CTW, Disney, Marvel Comics, Saban, Film Roman, Scholastic, McDonald's, Kenner Toys, and many more.

Al's work has been used in conjunction with toys, concept art, design, packaging, books , magazines and comics, posters, storyboards, apparel, style guides, and much more!

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Adam West's passing has proven to be an even larger blow to the Batman 66 community than ever imagined.  Here on the podcast, we've received numerous requests to join in on the first tribute episode we presented last week.  It just wouldn't have been possible to have a coherent conversation with so many people.

In order to give everyone a chance to have their say, John is presenting a second tribute episode where each participant offers his thoughts on Adam's passing and what his role as Batman meant to each.

In addition, John sits down with multimedia artist and long time Batman fan, Scott Sebring.  Scott attended the LA Bat-Signal lighting event and shares the experience with us as well as some stories of his encounters with Adam.

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Contributors to the Tribute

Billy Flynn of Geek Radio Daily

Michael Falkner of The Weekly Podioplex

Michael Bailey of Views from the Longbox

Chris Franklin  of The Supermates Podcast

Barry King of B.K. on the Air

Ken Holtzhouser

Jeff Andrews of Second Union

Kevin Eldridge of The Flopcast

Pat Evans of The Beat of the Bat

Cosplayer Bob DeSimone

Cosplayer Scott Sebring

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It's the first new piece of equipment we see in Batman's arsenal against crime in the Batman 66 motion picture.  It comes equipped with a Bat Ladder, Bat Shark Repellent Bat Spray, and a mobile crime lab.  It's the Batcopter! 

John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension sit down to discuss this aviation wonder.  But unlike their previous discussion of the Batmobile, they have someone who is quite familiar with the workings of the Batcopter.  He's owner/pilot Eugene Nock.

Eugene joins us to talk about how he first came to know Adam West and many of the cast on Batman back in 1966, how he acquired the Batcopter, and what the schedule is for its East Coast tour this summer.

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Eugene Nock is the owner/pilot of the original Batcopter as seen on the 66 television show and the Batman motion picture.  Eugene has logged in more than 14,000 hours in the air as a professional pilot.  He is the owner of Nock Entertainment FMX, a group that specializes in aerial shows both with air vehicles and trapeze artists.  Find out more by visiting his websites.

Main website

Facebook page


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Adam West passed away on Friday, June 9th at the age of 88 after a brief battle with Leukemia.  His passing came as a shock to many in the fan community and for John and his guests, it was something that hit them harder than they expected.  John decided to bring 13th Dimension's Dan Greenfield, the Batman 66 message board's Ben Bentley, and Gotham City 14 Miles's Jim Beard together to talk about Adam, his life, his role in their lives, their encounters with the man, and their reaction on hearing the news of his passing.

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Reis O'Brien joins John and Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension to talk about the upcoming release of the first wave of Batman 66 3.75 inch action figures. They discuss what was the thinking in the choices for the first wave releases and what might be seen in a second wave, plus a look at what the thinking is for action figures in general.

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Some fun facts to know about Reis O'Brien:

  • Funko Senior Product Designer

  • Design Lead on all Funko Action Figures

  • Has worked at Funko for over 5 years

  • Collects way too many toys (and other weird stuff)

  • Is incredibly handsome


Dan Greenfield has done extensive coverage on the Funko Batman 66 line from initial prototype shots to interviews with the designers.  Click on the links below to find out even more info on this exciting new line.

The Inside Scoop on Funko’s New Batman ’66 Line -- with CONCEPT ART. Click here.

The Art of Sculpting BATMAN ’66: An Interview With Sculptor Shelley Rappleye -- with CONCEPT ART. Click here.

The Secrets of Funko’s BATMOBILE Revealed! -- with CONCEPT ART. Click here.

INSIDE LOOK: Funko’s CATWOMAN Figure. Click here.

Ordering Info on Funko’s BATMOBILE. Click here.

Ordering Info on Funko’s BATMAN ’66 Wave 1 is Coming in June. Click here.

SCREEN TEST BATMAN Will Be a Chase Figure. Click here



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"The Beat of the Bat" is a full-length documentary that tells the story of the music of the 1966 "Batman" Television Series and how composers Neal Hefti, Nelson Riddle & Billy May gave Batman his first real musical identity- and one that has remained inexorably tied to the character for over 50 years!

In fact, if you saw the just released "Lego Batman Movie" you might have noticed the numerous references to the music of the TV series.

And face it, you can go up to anyone, anywhere in the world and sing "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!" and they will instantly know what you are talking about!

The music was as important to the show as the bright colors, campy dialogue and tongue-in-cheek performances. Yet, strangely, the story of how it came to be has never been told...

Until now.

John is joined by the director of the documentary, The Beat of the Bat, Pat Evans to discuss the importance of the project and the Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to make it a reality.

Any comments or questions on this episode, please post them here or by writing


The first album Pat Evans ever owned was Neil Hefti's "Batman Theme & 11 Hefti Bat Songs", which sparked his lifelong love of Bat-Music.  "The Beat of the Bat" is Pat's way of giving back to the talented composers and musicians who created that music.

A talented Graphic Artist, Pat's works has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter and the late, lamented Defamer. Since 2012 Pat has worked as a casting coordinator on many large studio films including "Jason Bourne", "Straight Outta Compton" and "Steve Jobs".

"The Beat of the Bat" marks his directorial debut.


Facebook Page


The Beat of the Bat




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We take a look at another William Dozier pilot for another comic related property.  This time, it's Dick Tracy - He's a Good Cop.  This time though, Dozier went all out with a full length half-hour episode featuring Victor Buono as the villain, Mr. Memory - which starts the batter of questions about where this show was going.  


In "The Plot to Kill NATO", Mr. Memory kidnaps three NATO ambassadors at the request of Major Powers.  His method of operation seems interesting enough, but there is still something lacking in his character.  And yet, despite this, the pilot is an enjoyable viewing experience with a lot of recommend including Jan Shulman as Liz and the well choreographed fight scenes.


John is joined by his The Hornet's Sting co-host, Jim Beard, to pitch these questions.  Just how committed was Dozier to this property? What would a relationship with Chester Gould have been like had the show gone forward? Why wasn't one of the established villains used in the pilot?  And why did Dozier still build in little nods to Batman and The Green Hornet when both shows were on their last legs?

Any comments or questions on this episode, please post them here or by writing



A native of Toledo, Ohio, Jim Beard was introduced to comic books at an early age by his father, who passed on to him a love for the medium and the pulp characters who preceded it. After decades of reading, collecting and dissecting comics, Jim became a published writer when he sold a story to DC Comics in 2002. Since that time he's written official Star Wars and Ghostbusters comic stories and contributed articles and essays to several volumes of comic book history.


His prose work includes GOTHAM CITY 14 MILES, a book of essays on the 1966 Batman TV series; SGT. JANUS, SPIRIT-BREAKER, a collection of pulp ghost stories featuring an Edwardian occult detective; MONSTER EARTH, a giant monster anthology; and CAPTAIN ACTION: RIDDLE OF THE GLOWING MEN, the first pulp prose novel based on the classic 1960s action figure.

Currently, Jim provides regular content for, the official Marvel Comics website, and is a regular columnist for Toledo Free Press.





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We move into the post-review era with the first in a series of episodes looking at the Batman related works of the producers and stars of the show and at the pop culture influences from the series.  First up, a look at William Dozier's attempt at adapting another DC property - Wonder Woman.  In this curious short, "Wonder Woman: Who's Afraid of Diana Prince?" we are only given a taste of the potential of the series.  Which begs the question, why wasn't a full pilot produced, especially in light of the fact that a full script was commissioned, co-written by Batman scribe Stanley Ralph Ross?  This question and possibly a few more will be asked by John and his guest, Chris Franklin of the Super Mates Podcast.

Any comments or questions on this episode, please post them here or by writing


Chris Franklin is a mild-mannered graphic designer by day, but at night, he retreats to his secret headquarters festooned with action figures, and podcasts with his long-suffering wife Cindy on the Super Mates podcast, a proud part of The Fire and Water Podcast Network. Together they take a look at all things geeky, such as comics, TV, movies, and toys, from a couple’s perspective.

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It's the end of the third season and John takes one last look before moving on to the next phase of the podcast.  With the help of his listeners who have commented along the way via email and the Facebook page, John comes to a final conclusion about the third season.  Plus, he reveals the plans for the podcast in 2017.  Take a listen and don't forget, as John says on the podcast, if you are listening via iTunes, please take a moment to leave a review. 

Here's the link to the Batgirl Bat-Trap Page that John mentioned in this episode and that has been referred to throughout the third season reviews.

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